API Mock server

To validate the specification before making the API fully live, we created a mock server which is available for partners to test how the responses will look like and provide early feedback!

Mock server URL: https://stoplight.io/mocks/nmbrs/nmbrs-restapi:Mock/12084760

It's a piece of cake, all you have to do is click on the big button bellow and explore it:


To facilitate even more, below there are 3 steps with images on how to try the mock server:


1. Select environment "Mock server"

If you need more details on how to do it, read more about Environments in Postman here.


2. Go to an endpoint

Choose an endpoint within the Mock collection, you can find what we are working on in the "Under Development" folder

3. Click on Send

Hit the button Send in Postman.

It's necessary to have a free login account in Postman to execute requests on the mock server.